The total value of the MoreToken wallet is up to 1 ETH or above, and the smart rabbit moving brick program can be started. Start smart rabbit, the principal is free, follow-in, monthly profit of 8%-20%, less than one month to raise coins, use CDF to pay 5% of the total value as a handling fee, no charge for one month, the income of CDF The currency can be exchanged for mainstream currency withdrawal at any time. Do not start the smart rabbit, the wallet deposits in and out, no commission;Depositing and withdrawal of any amount is available at any time.
Daily settlement income: After the first time the smart rabbit is turned on for 24-48 hours, the bricks will be generated. The settlement will be settled every day (GMT+8) at 20:00 – 24 pm, the monthly income will be 8%-20%, and the brick income will be in CDF currency. Payment, payment of CDF coins can be exchanged at any time for ETH or other mainstream currency withdrawal, instant processing, support BTC, ETH, USDT, EOS, LTC, DOGE and other deposits and withdrawals, can not be exchanged to get daily POS income of 0.6%
Conditions and quota limits for starting a smart rabbit:
Ethereum: 1 ETH-25 ETH
Bitcoin: 0.2 BTC-1 BTC
Litecoin: 10 LTC-100 LTC
Tether: 1000 USDT-15000 USDT
Dogecoin: 50000 DOGE-1200000 DOGE
You can choose one or more coins to open the smart rabbit.
Below or above the amount will not enjoy the benefits of moving bricks,
After the first opening takes 24-48 hours, it will start to generate bricks!
After registering and depositing the assets, click on the “My”-“smartrabbit“-plus sign “+” – enter the number to open to activate the smart rabbit!
Market rewards: expand the global market, promote the MoreToken wallet application, earn CDF coins, 10 customer benefits, please see the affiliate program for details!
The minimum standard for MoreToken smart rabbit account is 1 ETH. If the market value of the account after startup is less than 1 ETH or the market value of the smart rabbit is less than 1 ETH, the user will not be allowed to move bricks and Promotion and other income, holding CDF coins can continue to get POS income!

MoreToken Makes Money: Register download MoreToken wallet,deposited in ETH, BTC,USDT, BCH, EOS, XRP, LTC, etc.,can participate in a minimum of 1 ETH ,start smart rabbit moving bricks,monthly income 8-20%,daily settlement,depositing and withdrawal of any amount is available at any time.=>【Join Now】

The mobile phone scans the above QR code or [click here to register and download MoreToken wallet], please keep your account password and private key safe! “Assets” – Deposited 1 or more ETH, “My” – start “Smart Rabbit“, after 24-48 hours, settled every day (GMT+8) at 20:00 – 24 PM