The road show in China was held smoothly

The road show in China was held smoothly 2018-12-11
On December 8, Singapore time successfully held the CDF super node ecological explanation meeting and China road show in chongqing, China. More than 1,000 blockchain enthusiasts from many countries participated in the meeting. The event introduced the technology of blockchain and its future value, and the significance of participating in CDF super node ecology. EEPE foundation COO Daniel West and Mick Rory, technical representative of CDF, answered questions from field blockchain enthusiasts about the long-term planning and development of CDF ecology. CDF ecology includes the development of public chain, CDF’s own exchange and alliance exchange, the application of various dapps, mining ecology, game ecology, media ecology and so on. Mining ecology has made a good start. It has acquired an operating mine in kyrgyzstan, which has 50,000 ASIC mining machine sites. It has also acquired 30,000 Antminer S9 mining machines, 42P of which has been transferred to EEPE foundation for unified management. At the same time, it acquired a mine under construction, which will be put into operation in about three months. The new mine under construction has 60,000 ASIC mining machines. On December 6th EEPE, a fund, signed a new power-supply contract with kyrgyzstan electric power, the third big mine in the CDF mining ecosystem, at a very low cost. Because the scale of the third mine is large, it will be divided into three phases. Each phase will build 50,000 ASIC mining machinery positions, and the third phase will be able to accommodate 150,000 ASIC mining machinery positions. The above three mines and the acquired computing power will achieve annual income of 50 million us dollars after the completion of construction and operation. The future layout of the mining industry will be comprehensively promoted, and the income will continue to grow. Recently, we also discussed the intention of cooperation with a mining machine manufacturer to comprehensively promote the mining ecology. The vigorous development of mining machine ecology is bound to promote the CDF global consensus community and play a very important role. CDF project team, will be issued the mining ecological tong card Token, the pass card Token as the rights and interests of mining ecological benefits, under the mining ecological sustainable profitability, share with mining ecological benefits, and the value of high-growth space, mining license Token will not buy, will be free to all users MORE Token in stages, complimentary card Token, worth over $100 million, mining certificate will soon be online trading, users, in addition a good news to bring node part is EEPE foundation will award outstanding node BTC mining work force, The BTC generated by computing power will be directly transferred to the wallet provided by the node user without any cost, including electricity and maintenance costs. With the development of mining ecology, there will be more excellent nodes to share the benefits of giving away mining machines.

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