The CDF mining ecological

Major progress was made in mining ecological 2018-11-26
The CDF mining ecological, significant progress was made, bought a mine in kyrgyzstan, kyrgyzstan in many rivers, rich hydropower resources, the price of electricity is extremely low, and the CDF mining ecological required highly. The acquisition of the mine, with 50000 Asic ore machine machine, power supply is 75000 KWH. And bought it in running BTC 42 ph/S work force (Antminer integrated – 30000), because the price of electricity is very low, this mine have high value, also bought a building mines, mine under construction, with 60000 Asic reservation, supply is 90000 KWH, new mine construction will be completed within three months and start running. For the CDF mining ecological, laid a solid foundation, in the future the CDF entity mill is expected to be deployed in the new stadium. Recently, the CDF technical representative Matthew Homer Simpson, Zhu Yicheng, Mick Rory, Gaurav Koothrappali, and on behalf of Daniel West EEPE foundation, Joseph Allen, such as a line of people, also came to the acquisition of field site investigation and guidance, and understanding, at the scene to explore relevant mining ecology, and building of new mines, and detailed understanding of the operation situation of the mine safety problems such as electricity. Said subsequent continuous mining ecological investment and promote the work.

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